why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons

why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons
why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons

In the absence of a makeover that is desired, Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid inherits the look of the fourth generation of the model. On the street it’s still eye-catching, especially in the understated and elegant panther blue colourway. The fourth generation of Focus was designed from an unprecedented platform.

Aesthetically, these technical innovations are not immediately evident as this Focus has already seen lines that might seem lacking in audacity. So let’s deepen:

Why is it worth buying Ford Focus

Inside, Ford Focus EcoBoost MHEV incorporates a new digital instrumentation, with a 12.3-inch screen that centralizes vehicle information. It goes a step further in visibility but is somewhat lacking in information with data that could be even richer, unless you take your eyes off the 8-inch SYNC3 infotainment system screen.

This system is available as standard in the Focus from the Trend + equipment, as well as the wireless charger for the mobile phone, the adaptive cruise control, the front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera which enjoys excellent visibility.

Using the FordPass, also standard, and a special app it is possible to locate the vehicle, open it remotely, know the status of the vehicle and even limit its functions if we lend it to someone.

Ford Focus EcoBoost MHEV is lively even from low rpm and is elastic up to the top of the rev counter. The advantage of the mild hybrid system in acceleration is undeniable. It provides 20 Nm and 50 Nm if we use the Sport mode. On the road, this fourth Focus confirms its dynamic qualities, even if less evident than the older generations. This results in a slightly less punchy front end.

Pros and cons Ford Focus

Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid is not a typical hybrid but one micro-hybrid with three-cylinder engine and manual gearbox. It is a car with a lot of character where the exterior is still fresh and the engine lets itself be appreciated. On the other hand, there is no information on the screen, consumption is not the best in the category as well as the required spending commitment.

Ford Focus takes advantage of the regenerative braking to accumulate electricity, in a process we see on screen, perhaps more graphically than mathematically, with a simple animation that says the car is loading or unloading, but never knowing how much or how. Ergonomics is the element that has improved the most compared to the old one with the disappearance of many buttons.

The material quality is generally good even if uneven depending on the position. Thanks to the longer wheelbase compared to the previous one, this Focus has a generous rear roominess. The trunk volume is 378 liters, in the good average of the category. The Focus adapts, but nevertheless remains in the excellent bandwagon of the segment in terms of road quality, which is the essential.

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