Cloud-based portable Xbox at Microsoft’s testing center? –

Cloud-based portable Xbox at Microsoft’s testing center? –
Cloud-based portable Xbox at Microsoft’s testing center? –

A’Portable Xbox based on cloud would be under study at Microsoft, according to some rumors reported by Windows Central, a source not exactly certain but still quite reliable as regards the issues of the Redmond house, although this one in particular seems rather daring.

According to the site, Microsoft is already testing possible prototypes of a portable Xbox console, although this should be based more on the use of the cloud than on the computational power of the device itself, although the latter also seems to be not exactly minimal.

The question would start with development kits based on Qualcomm Snapdragon, in particular the G3x Gen 1 platform, which should represent a step by the Chinese giant towards dedicated portable gaming, complete with collaboration with Razer for the construction of the first development kits.

These kits are characterized by many features typical of real portable consoles, with some particular additions: there would be the possibility of using it connected to the TV through a Dock, like the Nintendo Switch, it would have a touch screen, controller with haptic feedback, support for 5G and the ability to sustain frame-rates up to 144 fps.

Xbox Cloud Gaming would be the basis for a new portable Xbox in the pipeline

It is still a development kit and not a device for the market, but it can natively run Android games or stream PC games from an online service.

This last aspect would guarantee Microsoft the use of the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, in connection with a portable device developed specifically for this type of use and also equipped with a decent basic technology. Starting with this Qualcomm development kit, according to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Microsoft would be “delighting” to experiment the possibility of a portable Xbox to be connected to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The service, however, has recently been enhanced by the use of the Xbox Series X hardware in blade servers and has been updated just recently with the Clarity Boost on Edge browser, to improve its graphical performance.


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