INVISIBLE decoder for € 29 (-63%)

INVISIBLE decoder for € 29 (-63%)
INVISIBLE decoder for € 29 (-63%)

The invisible decoder perfect for the new digital terrestrial DVB T2 is in great discount on Amazon at just about € 29, a reported saving of 63%. Small and compact, it disappears behind the television. Complete your order quickly and enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

New DVB T2 Digital Terrestrial: excellent invisible decoder at a great discount

A very special model because, once attached behind the television, it comes completely hidden. Plus, if you have a USB port behind the screen, you can power it directly from there.

Perfect, for example, for those who have panels hanging on the wall and do not want the boredom of dangling cables for a peripheral placed at the bottom: a real eyesore.

Perfectly compatible with the codec H265 (HEVC Main 10), it will therefore be perfectly usable even after the transition to the new way of seeing TV is complete. Furthermore, on the official website, the technical specifications indicate full compatibility also with theaudio Dolby Digital Plus (ac3). This means that there will not be a single channel whose audio will remain inaccessible (surprise that can happen with other models).

In short, a beautiful and complete product. This exceptional invisible decoder, perfect for the new digital terrestrial DVB T2, now take it home for € 29.99 thanks to the 63% discount on Amazon. Complete your order quickly and be fast: when the promotion is activated, stocks usually last very short.

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