This iPhone will go “vintage” from January 1, 2022

An indiscretion sheds light on the next iPhone of Apple which will extend the list of products considered vintage“. There is still nothing official then, but the logic supports the indiscretion carried out by the rumors, and therefore it is worth knowing which iPhone it is and what the label implies “vintage” per Apple.

Vintage and obsolete are two common definitions in our society, and they are also common among the policies of the Cupertino giant, which however defines each of them very clearly. No surprise then when iPhone 6 Plus, the smartphone in question, will become vintage, it is said starting from January 1st 2022. For him it is not yet the time to enter the list of obsolete iPhones, which to tell the truth is not too extensive as well as that of iPhones considered vintage. Curious that iPhone 6 “standard”, the one with the 4.7-inch display, is still far from the vintage label, but there is an explanation for that too.

iPhone 6 Plus is almost vintage, iPhone 6 is not

It is not yet official, but according to rumors, iPhone 6 Plus at the end of this month – which is also the end of the year – will be included in the list of iPhones considered vintage. Currently vintage iPhones are: some iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, while it will also enter the list iPhone 6 from January 1, 2022.

The iPhone 6 range was announced on September 19, 2014. The last major update for the iPhone 6 range dates back to 2019, when iOS 13 was released. Apple guarantees for each of its smartphones five years of updates since the officialization, and consequently the iPhone 6 range has benefited from this service until 2019.

The reason why iPhone 6 won’t go vintage from 1 January 2022, unlike the Plus variant with a larger screen, it is linked to the fact that it has been sold longer. iPhone 6 Plus disappeared from Apple lists all over the world in 2016, while the marketing of the “standard” iPhone 6 continued in some regions of the world until 2018, therefore, logically, it should enter the list of vintage products in 2023.

Vintage and obsolete, what’s the difference

Normally with “vintage” we indicate objects dating back to about twenty years earlier during which they became a cult, either because they are made with high quality materials (for example the case of a fine wine), or because they have left a mark on collective imagination to be considered, decades later, precious and inimitable.

Specifically in the technological field per Apple, And vintage a product that Apple has stopped distributing for sale by over five years but less than seven. Exceeded this threshold, therefore beyond seven years, the product – again for Apple – is considered obsolete.

When a device is labeled by Apple as obsolete hardware support is stopped, and official or authorized repair centers cannot order replacement parts simply because they are no longer produced, so they will not be obtained even with the recently announced “do it yourself” program.

Currently obsolete iPhones are: First generation iPhones, 3G and 3GS, along with some iPhone 4s and 4s.

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