Aftermath is the new psychological survival thriller of the Italian ONE-O-ONE Games –

Aftermath is the new psychological survival thriller of the Italian ONE-O-ONE Games –
Aftermath is the new psychological survival thriller of the Italian ONE-O-ONE Games –

Italian developer ONE-O-ONE Games and publisher Meta Games have announced Aftermath, new one psychological thriller for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5, whose release is scheduled for 2022 (at a date yet to be decided). The announcement was accompanied by a trailer and some images.

Let’s first look at the movie, which introduces us to the protagonist and atmosphere of Aftermath:

Here are the now Images, collected in a convenient gallery:

Hero of the game is Charlie Gray, an ex-astronaut who must find her daughter in a European city in the throes of an alien attack. Will he be able to survive by reaching his goal? Will he be able to defeat his inner demons?

Let’s read the official description of Aftermath taken from the Steam page:

Charlie Gray was on top of the world. A talented engineer and astronaut, Charlie had managed to get to places most people could only dream of. But after one wrong re-entry maneuver, and after the series of traumatic events that followed, it was as if the world had collapsed on her. As his life plunges into darker and darker places, Charlie finds himself isolated in a fragmented, deserted world. All she knows is that she has to find the one thing that still matters to her: Sammy.

Analyze your surroundings and use the urban resources at your disposal. Everyday objects can become a valuable tool in the fight against the enigmatic beings who now occupy the city. Study the weaknesses of the aliens and find the best approach to take down the creatures that would like to give you as a sacrifice.

What form does humanity take in the face of unimaginable events? Do we unite and get stronger, or do we split and fall apart? Are we still shaped by our past, or do we find new strength by focusing on a possible future? AFTERMATH delves into the philosophical and psychological issues that we could face when faced with an impossible situation.

With the incredible design signed by an enigmatic master of the visual arts, the Italian Alessandro Bavari, author of the concept art of the films Alien: Covenant and Suspiria.

Charlie is caught in a waking nightmare. What’s going on? Because? These are the questions that haunt women at all times. If death is not the end, then what is the end?

AFTERMATH offers a beautiful and rich soundtrack with original songs by artists such as UNKLE, Planet Funk and many more.

Charlie is being chased by an invisible opponent. Unravel the mystery of this seemingly invincible “hunter” and use every facet of your arsenal to outsmart him and survive. But what other forces could lurk in the rubble of the city and its surroundings? What fate awaits fallen humanity?

By eating the right foods and maintaining mental health and physical stamina you will stay one step ahead of the enemy, always on the alert and ready to outsmart your opponents.

AFTERMATH uses Charlie’s engineering knowledge and scientific approach to offer a new approach to creating objects, rather than a simple system. Observe and take note of your surroundings to come up with a project, then find and join the pieces necessary to adapt to situations and overcome difficulties.

Explore a highly detailed city steeped in history, fragmented by the terrifying power of an ancient alien artifact looming from above.

So how will you deal with AFTERMATH? Will you become the hunted or will you overcome your physical and mental obstacles to become a hunter?

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