The best Android apps of 2021, according to Google

The best Android apps of 2021, according to Google
The best Android apps of 2021, according to Google

The names of the winners of the best android apps and games for 2021 with the expected Google Play’s Best or the official selection that is published by Google with a dedicated page on the content store. The trend that already characterized last year’s selection continues with a particular eye on psychophysical well-being, well represented by Balance, which won the most important award by being recognized as the Best App of 2021, but also looks beyond, ranging from language study to utilities to learn about plants. The best game of the year is Pokémon Unite.

In strictly alphabetical order, Google has uploaded the list of best apps of 2021 and there are many confirmations on the interests that have sprung up in this particular year, which comes after the terrible 2020 and which in fact rewards many applications for self-care such as Balance or Laughscape which promotes the meditative state through laughter, Clementine for hypnotherapy, Sleep Tracker for sleep tracking and also Focus Quest to focus and study better. The voice is the protagonist of several apps in the rankings as with Amazing Talker to improve knowledge of languages, BoldVoice for pronunciation and diction e ClubHouse that is the social network for chatting and listening that has experienced its golden period at the beginning of the year. Among other software you will find Blossom to recognize the plants (here various alternatives) and Rock Identifier for the rocks, My diary to take notes and reminders about daily life, but also Noobly to find (video) playmates e Speechify per il text-to-speech.

Google Play’s Best 2021

For tablets, they are reported Canva e Concepts for creativity and Houzz which is a utility for renovating a home. Turning to the games, the overall winner is therefore Pokémon Unite, but titles such as League of Legends: Wild Rift O Rogue Land. Recall that in 2020 the absolute winners had been Loona that is the app to calm down and relax before bed and the video game Genshin Impact, still very popular even in 2021.


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