The € 6 bonus on Amazon, here’s how to get it

The activities related to Black Friday are now archived but shopping never rests, and a true Amazon enthusiast knows it well.

The success of the most famous marketplace in the world lies, in large part, in its convenience –

Thanks to the days of preparation for Black Friday, marked by many offers and managed with clicks, we have managed to become real experts in online purchases.

Amazon has done a lot, indeed a lot, to bring users even closer to the brand. In fact, guerrilla marketing was fought between tight pre-Christmas advertisements, but which went very well with the commercially most lively time of the year for consumers, and the daily offers advertised on the platform.

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Now all that remains is to sum up, take a deep breath and fall back into a new relay of purchases, which this time will all end up under the Christmas tree. And to make this marathon of generosity a little lighter Amazon he anticipates everyone with a small gift for his customers.

How to get the € 6 Amazon bonus

amazon offers 7 black friday products
Shopping online is certainly very practical and satisfying, but thanks to the Amazon coupon it will be even more so –

If you have a personal account on Amazon you can then access this nice initiative that will allow you to receive a coupon worth € 6.

Getting it is really very simple. It will be necessary to top up your profile with a value of € 60 by midnight on December 31st. The system will automatically recognize this credit that you can then spend on your subsequent purchases.
A type of discount which, however, will only be valid for the first order following the recharge activity.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that the voucher will be valid by 31 March 2022 for all orders placed on, except digital content, books, Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets, gift cards, Amazon Warehouse and products sold by third parties on the Marketplace.

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So we will certainly have plenty of time to consider your shopping cart and proceed with a more substantial solution relating to credit available on the platform. This will have the advantage of guaranteeing us this little tip and making our shopping more incentive and light.

On the other hand, Amazon is not new to this type of initiative and we are confident that, soon, it will propose other similar ones.

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