There is no peace for Big G smartphones: new problems and strong complaints about the Pixel 6

They have already been harshly criticized for those calls that left suddenly, without anyone asking them, to the point that from Mountain View they had to hurry to release a patch.

Google Pixel 6 (Adobe Stock)

As if that weren’t enough, Google had to fix the problem related to the malfunctioning fingerprint scanner. There is no peace for the new smartphones of Google: Pixel 6 (e Pro) back to the criticisms, one sentence can be summed up: highly disappointing.

An update would have made the Google Pixel 6 even worse, even removing the much-vaunted feature Magic Eraser, on some series phones. With the phantom Erasable Eraser, Google users could (it should be said, apparently) remove unwanted “distractions” from a photograph. A bug, however, set off another alarm.

Charger, the crux of another matter

Google Pixel (Adobe Stock)
Google Pixel (Adobe Stock)

According to several users of Reddit, a well-known social news, entertainment, and forum portal, where “redditor” users can publish content in the form of text posts or links, some owners of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have serious problems related to loading the new phone, especially with old or third party chargers. A bit like it already happens with Apple, Samsung and other top phone manufacturers, this is because there is no longer a charger supplied. So much so.

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Some of the complaints specifically mention the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users’ inability to charge their phones using a car charger, while others argue that the device doesn’t even charge when using the OG Pixel Stand and its sequel. A user had no issues with charging for the first 10 days, until it stopped working all of a sudden.

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On the Pixel community forum, a Pixel 6 owner “Alexandru Dumitrache 245“He wrote vitriolic words:”I just got the device and plugged it into my generic cable / charger that I used to date to charge any other USB Type C device – it is read – so far used. Nothing is happening. No charges, no warnings, nothing. It’s like it’s not connected”.

The user continues with his rant, backed by many other people who are having a similar problem: “I have tried many other chargers / cables I have around the house. None worked. I finally plugged the original Pixel 6 cable into my wife’s iPhone charger and it started charging. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If for some reason Google decides that their phone will only charge with the original cable / charger combination, I will return it asap“. Google warned is saved.

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