opposites in everything, but they like them too much

November 30, 2021 9:09 AM

Chiara casually on the catwalk, the rapper like a fish out of water

The microphones are all for Chiara and Fedez has a lot of fun acting as a shoulder. He doesn’t want too much attention and the role of husband suits him perfectly. While reporters ask the influencer questions, he ironically asks questions for him too, anything, just to make him feel just as important. And he is immediately satisfied.


She walks the catwalk in a dress with a provocative neckline and a breathtaking slit with her long, tapered legs and a model’s body. He gets embarrassed in front of the array of flashes and as he defines himself in the Stories he appears a “fish out of water”. Perhaps precisely because they are so opposite, but so true they like them so much. Even in Madrid, fans are delirious and once again the influencer has hit the mark.


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