Clarity Boost improves streaming graphics on Microsoft Edge –

Clarity Boost improves streaming graphics on Microsoft Edge –
Clarity Boost improves streaming graphics on Microsoft Edge –

Microsoft has published the feature Clarity Boost applicable to Xbox Cloud its Microsoft Edge and it is an interesting update that allows you to improve graphics of games streamed through the company’s service, although currently only available on the Edge browser.

The option is still under development and enrichment, being usable at the moment only on Edge Canary waiting for a wider distribution on the final version of the Microsoft browser, but already allows you to see some differences in its use.

As reported on Xbox Wire, Clarity Boost makes a series of improvements in terms of client-side resolution scaling, in order to improve the graphics performance in games played in streaming.

The difference is not very obvious but perceptible: the graphics of games with Clarity Boost applied appear sharper and more defined in terms of details and general appearance, thanks to this work of upscaling which is applied to the original stream, simulating a sort of resolution boost.

A more direct demonstration of its application can be seen in the Tom Warren video above, published by The Verge, showing the Clarity Boost in action on Forza Horizon 5 via Xbox Cloud gaming on Edge browser. To try this feature, you need to download Microsoft Edge Canary at this address (to be sure you have version 96.0.1033.0 or later), start a game from with your account, open the options menu and enable the Clarity Boost option.

We also remind you that, in recent days, Xbox Cloud Gaming has been made available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.


Clarity Boost improves streaming graphics Microsoft Edge Nerd4life

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