How to watch TV without a decoder and for free: let’s discover streaming

To watch TV without using the decoder and without buying a new device, you need to know a modern solution, streaming.

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Italians they love to watch television and some programs are a habit one would hardly want to give up. In recent years we have seen the spread of some platforms that I cross the internet connection allow you to access various contents, primarily the most popular TV series. The reference is Netflix, YouTube or Prime Video. This is not enough, however, to convince users to put aside an old friend, the television. Or better, the tv channels. The clarification is due to the fact that it is possible to access the television content pur not having a television latest generation – made necessary with the change of digital terrestrial standards – or a compatible decoder.

You don’t need a decoder or TV, here’s streaming

The transition to the new DVB-T2 standard it requires a change of an old device or the purchase of a compatible decoder to continue watching your favorite TV programs. Yet many do not want to spend large amounts – which can still decrease thanks to the Scrapping Bonus and the TV Decoder Bonus – to adapt to the change.

In this regard, it is good to know that the most important television broadcasters have adapted to the needs of people by designing a new way to watch tv. The window that opened a few years ago is on world of streaming and on demand. Goodbye, or goodbye if you prefer, to the TV set or decoder to access the vision live or deferred of TV programs or series broadcast by the big players.

How the new way of seeing TV works

Through streaming and on demand, an internet connection and a device such as a tablet or smartphone are enough to access television content at any time for free. The most important references are Ray Play for Ray broadcasts and Mediaset Play for channel 5, Italia Uno and Rete 4 as well as of course all the channels belonging to the well-known broadcaster.

The vision will contain little publicity, yes will be able to pause and it will be possible, in some cases, to record the content. The user will only have to access the reference web portal and choose the program to see. Pochi click that will replace the remote control and you will enter a new world unknown to many but with interesting opportunities. In addition, the possession of a tablet or PC does not require the payment of the Rai license fee, provided that you do not own a television.


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