Fairphone dominates the Android ecosystem with 6 years of support for the updates of its smartphones – Corriere.it

Fairphone dominates the Android ecosystem with 6 years of support for the updates of its smartphones – Corriere.it
Fairphone dominates the Android ecosystem with 6 years of support for the updates of its smartphones – Corriere.it
from Riccardo Lichene

The maximum warranty offered by competitors like Google and Samsung is 3 years, after which the phones are no longer designed to withstand updates. Fairphone in the name of sustainability has just proven it can double what the competition does

Fairphone continues to redefine the concept of tech support for smartphones in the Android ecosystem when it comes to system updates. The company just announced that its Fairphone 2s, which came out 6 years ago with Android 5, now support Android 10 which can be safely installed. Fairphone was born with the aim of creating a device made with raw materials that are not the result of exploitation or that enrich warlords, assembled without work on the edge of slavery in Chinese factories and completely modular: if a component breaks the user can open the device easily and, with a few screws, replace it.

Supporting six years of major system updates unheard of in the Android market. Most of the companies that use Google’s operating system charge iPhone prices for its top of the range but do not offer the same support as Apple, which is six years of guaranteed important updates. The most you can get from major Android smartphone makers like Google and Samsung are three years of major operating system updates. Fairphone is a noticeably smaller company than its competition, but it is outpacing some of the biggest tech giants in the world when it comes to upgrades. For Fairphone, supporting Android updates for so long meant getting out of the normal software support framework. The Fairphone 2 uses a Snapdragon 801 SoC (system on a chip), and Qualcomm (the manufacturer) only supported that chip up to Android 6. Without Qualcomm’s help, Fairphone had to rely on Lineage OS’s community of Android enthusiasts. to update your phone. The difference between Fairphone and an aftermarket OS is that Fairphone is still passing all of Google’s security and integrity tests, officially licensing it the Play Store, which is a huge feat. The new model, the Fairphone 4, goes even further: it has a 5-year warranty and aims to replicate the result of the previous models with 6 years of updates.

As for the timing, the company says the Android 10 beta program for the Fairphone 2 is up and running and is expected to reach a final version “early 2022”. Fairphone is also starting Android 11 beta testing for Fairphone 3 and 3+ this week. The only flaw that could be pointed out to Fairphone is that releasing Android 10 (of 2019) in 2022 is not exactly on the crest of the wave, but difficult to criticize too much the company when every other Android smartphone manufacturer has abandoned users for years. . Many companies verbally claim they want to reduce e-waste, but stop as soon as concrete measures impact their bottom line. Fairphone, along with some limited efforts from Apple, the only smartphone company that delivers on its promises when it comes to supporting its models and reducing e-waste. Apple a multibillion dollar company with all the resources in the world, Fairphone is not, and despite limited financial resources it is proof that any smartphone maker can support its phones in the long term if they so wish; the competition simply does not want to invest the necessary time and money.

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