PS5 and Series X beats

PS5 and Series X beats
PS5 and Series X beats

Based on the latest market analysis conducted at Adobe Digital Economy Index, we learn that Xbox Series S turned out to be the best-selling nextgen console in the United States during Black Friday 2021.

The results of the analyzes carried out by ADEI coincide with the data recently collected by Ampere Analysis on sales of Xbox Series S above Series X: in the fruitful commercial window of Black Friday 2021, Microsoft’s “nextgen economic console” has therefore been able to carve out a larger market share than both the “big sister” Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The analysts who conducted this survey underline how the success of the Xbox Series S is due not only to the aforementioned “advantage” of the price, but also to its actual availability on store shelves and in the price lists of digital stores: unlike other nextgen consoles. , the S model of the new Microsoft platform family requires fewer electronic components and, for this reason, is only marginally affected by semiconductor crisis which is making Xbox Series X and PS5 unobtainable.

Waiting to know in detail the results of the analyzes conducted by ADEI to find out, for example, the actual number of consoles sold and the commercial performance of highly requested systems such as Nintendo Switch OLED, we refer you to this video that shows the Xbox Series S stripped and the elegance of its modular hardware to present only one screw.


PS5 Series beats

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