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PS5 and Nintendo Switch sold for 23,000 ??: courier earns from undelivered consoles

In this last period due to the shortage of microprocessors it has become increasingly difficult to find tech products. But in addition to the production problem, delaying deliveries, indeed not letting the products arrive, a courier also thought about it, who was then arrested for selling consoles (PS5 and Nintendo Switch) instead of delivering them, reaching earnings estimated at around £ 23,000. The incident happened in Japan, where a 50-year-old was arrested by the Tokyo police for the sale of about 200 consoles that were destined for delivery. The courier confessed, pleading guilty, after having collected more than 3 million yen from a value of consoles and stolen products equal to more than 45,000 euros.

The ” smart ” courier who steals consoles instead of delivering them

How did the facts happen? The “ thief ” courier had been entrusted with about 200 between PS5, Nintendo Switch and games at the request of an acquaintance who worked for a shipping company. The 50-year-old was therefore not a real courier quite another. It was in fact a mushoku, or an unemployed man who has decided well to give up deliveries and sell more than half of the consoles the same day in the Akihabara area of ​​Tokyo.

When asked by the authorities why he did this, the fake courier replied: I did it because I was having financial problems. ” Moreover, mockery in mockery because the Japanese also decided to play the money he had earned from the horses, losing almost everything.

The figures reached by the sale of the PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles are not surprising given that their availability, as mentioned at the beginning, is really low due to the semiconductor crisis and especially in Japan, as well as in the rest of the world, it is always easier to earn a lot from the sale of a console that cannot be found in the used market. .

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