Vodafone gives customers a super Christmas: here is the winning promotion

Vodafone gives customers a Christmas surprise called Giga Speed ​​Winter Pack. Let’s get to know the promotion better to understand whether to crown the company as the queen of winter offers.


The climate of holiday season it makes itself feel stronger and stronger. Someone has already prepared the Christmas tree, there are those who will take advantage of Black Friday to buy gifts for relatives and friends and then there is Vodafone. The company has launched a super Christmas promotion, an offer that shines like Christmas lights along the streets of cities. Giga Speed Winter Pack, this is the name of the package, allows Vodafone to become the queen of winter offers. How will Iliad, WindTre and Tim react to the winning idea of ​​the red company?

Giga Speed ​​Winter Pack, the Vodafone offer to new customers

The super promotion Giga Speed Winter Pack is aimed at users who decide to leave an opposing company to enter the red world of Vodafone. The offer is an evolution of the Christmas Card and can already be activated since it was launched last November 22, 2021. Availability is only in stores that have joined the initiative. The expiry date of the promotion has not yet been announced. For this reason it is better to take advantage of it now, but what does the rate plan include?

Giga Speed Winter Pack include 150 gigabytes of internet traffic for three months – 50 gigabytes per month – plus an additional Christmas bonus of 100 gigabytes per month. The additional fee will be paid automatically within 72 hours from the activation of the promotion and the SIM. Given the total of 450 gigabytes for three months of traffic, the offer amount is one-time fee of 29.99 euros. The original price list amount of 39.99 euros is thus discounted by 10 euros.

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More details of the promotion

The activation cost is zero and, as mentioned, only new customers will be able to activate the super discounted promotion for the Christmas period. In addition to the avalanche of giga available, users will receive a Mi-Fi router for 29.99 euros lump sum. If the price and the desire to change phone company and SIM number are among your plans, Giga Speed ​​Winter Pack is the promotion to consider. We remind you that activation is not possible online but only at a Vodafone store.


Vodafone customers super Christmas winning promotion

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