WhatsApp, surprise for Android: how chats change

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WhatsApp, the most awaited update of all time arrives on Android: so the feature will change the way we communicate.

It was well known that the developers of the well-known instant messaging app were planning to customize the user experience more and more. We weren’t aware, however, of how long it would take them to redesign their chats and make them more and more interactive.

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Today we finally know that it won’t take long. That the definitive update is now in the pipeline and that the WhatsApp team has done everything to make it as attractive and modern as its aficionados they wanted. The final result, in fact, is absolutely incredible.

In the latest version of the beta for Android, as they know from HdBlog.it, something has appeared that will forever change the way we communicate virtually. Something that we have been waiting for for a while and which, apparently, has increasingly defined contours. Which fills us with joy.

WhatsApp like social networks: reactions arrive

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The novelty introduced by this fantastic update concerns the reactions to messages. It was already talked about last summer, but the beta for Android has revealed much more “succulent” details on how they will be. It made it possible, in particular, to find out what the faces that users crave so much will look like.

At this point, now that the mystery has been revealed, the release should not be long. Indeed, the update is almost certainly around the corner. Are you worried that smilies can fill your smartphone with notifications you don’t like at all? Fear not, there is a solution to this too.

WaBetaInfo makes it known that this feature will not be mandatory, but that it can easily be deactivated. You can do this through a special item, which will soon appear in the app menu, which will allow you to silence any beeps related to reactions. What more could you want?


WhatsApp surprise Android chats change

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