WhatsApp, the whole new app arrives for Windows 10 and 11: here’s how to get it right away

WhatsApp at work on a new desktop app with redesigned graphics for Windows 10 and Windows 11, which should also arrive on macOS. The good news for the more curious is that the new client is already available in Beta and it can be installed via Microsoft Store by users of the latest versions of Windows.

On Windows platforms, the new client relies on the UWP (Universal Windows Platform), instead of on the Electron framework used by the previous app, and therefore faster in loading and rendering the graphical interface. The one currently available to the public is a beta version, which still has some small uncertainties in terms of reliability and stability on some systems, while some sources (such as WABetaInfo) report excellent perceived performance and general stability.

WhatsApp, the new client for Windows arrives: the news and how to install it

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the link to download the new client in Beta version (you can download it from here, via Microsoft Store). On some of our systems we had the need to uninstall the previous WhatsApp client, perform a restart and then install the new preview version. On other systems, however, the operation was successful without having to follow special precautions. In any case, the experience could be undermined by small stability problems.

The new app comes with a completely redesigned graphics, even if it still lacks some features that have been present for some time on the service. Among the most evident shortcomings are the statuses, the stickers, the archived chats, while there are one-to-one calls and video calls. The new user interface features a massive use of transparencies typical of Windows 11, as well as the rounded corners of the window, all with a more effective organization of the available spaces than that provided on WhatsApp Web. The aesthetics of the mobile app remain, while among the Settings we have the possibility to start the app when the computer is turned on, to choose notifications, to manage privacy and automatic downloads.

The new client works only through the multi-device function therefore it is not necessary that the main smartphone is turned on, after having clearly connected it. On the contrary, operation via WhatsApp Web is not foreseen. There is also a Feedback button, which allows users to report any malfunctions of the app on their system.

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