Design and touch screens, the Apple Car could be like this – Hi-tech

Design and touch screens, the Apple Car could be like this – Hi-tech
Design and touch screens, the Apple Car could be like this – Hi-tech

– The prototype of Apple Car made by Vanarama has no visible mounting but strong lines similar to those of Tesla’s cybertruck. Based on the real patents obtained over time by the Cupertino giant, the British leasing company has developed on the computer what could be the exterior and interior parts of the vehicle that has been talked about for some time, on which however Apple has never spent a word. . The Apple Car concept, or as marketers would like, iCar, is inspired by Tesla’s 4-door electric-powered pick-up, presented in November 2019 and currently undergoing structural changes to adapt to homologation regulations. of the various countries where it will be sold. Vanarama was based on two patents filed by Apple in the recent past for the bodywork. The first, known as US10309132B1, describes a pillarless vehicle structure. The construction is directly linked to a second patent, the US10384519B1, which provides customizable doors in the orientation, as well as the seats, to be rotated 360 degrees.
The passenger compartment, whose development is based on at least three different patents, takes shapes and concepts close to Tesla’s Models, with a central computer extended vertically which, unlike Elon Musk’s vehicles, continues along the front, without interruption. , all with touch interface. Beyond design and aesthetics, including the front construction with Apple logos, the one created by Vanarama is the most complete and detailed Apple Car concept seen to date. At the end of 2020, the expert analyst of Apple, Ming Chi Kuo, predicted the arrival of the car no earlier than 2025. (ANSA).


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