here is the new WhatsApp app for Windows

UPDATE – The new WhatsApp UWP app for Windows (both 10 and 11) has been uploaded to the Microsoft Store, although it is in beta and is not yet indexed and, as a result, cannot be found with a normal search. Anyone wishing to try it can download it from this link.

Original article

These are not official announcements, but of very reliable news and, above all, very important: WhatsApp is creating two new apps which will change the way we use the chat platform in the future. The first app is for macOS “Catalyst, while the second is an app “UWP“. Two terms that will say nothing to most, but behind which great potential is hidden.

macOS Catalyst and UWP are essentially two sides of the same coin: that of apps that work on all devices, without the need to develop an app for each device. Catalyst is a platform created by Apple, while UWP is a development platform of Microsoft. The UWB app was found from the Twitter profile ALumia_Italia and, apparently, it already is almost ready, while we owe the news of the arrival of the macOS Catalyst app as usual WAbetaInfo, notoriously very reliable on all rumors concerning WhatsApp. To understand the significance of these two pieces of news, however, it is first necessary to understand how do they work UWP apps and macOS Catalyst apps, ì.

UWP apps and macOS Catalyst: what they are

UWP stands for “Universal Windows Platform“and is a development platform with which programmers can create one app, which works on all versions of Microsoft Windows (from Windows 10 onwards), on Xbox and with viewers Microsoft HoloLens.

For a programmer all this is very important, because it allows him to create only one app that fits to the different types of screens and, above all, to the different types of input device: on a Windows PC there are mouse e keyboard, on a Surface laptop there is also the nib, on Xbox there is instead the controller.

Very similar speech for Apple macOS Catalyst, which allows you to bring the same app to computers Mac e MacBook, are smartphones iPhone and on tablets iPad. Thanks to Catalyst, then, it is possible to make sure that the same app works well on all devices even if the user uses the voice commands of Siri.

The two new WhatsApp apps

But let’s get to the point: what the two new WhatsApp apps will look like? We have exhaustive answers only for that UWP, which second ALumia_Italia it would be practically ready.

The WhatsApp UWP app starts up in just a second and is compatible with nibs: there’s even a new feature Drawing, which allows us to respond in chat by drawing something and sending it as a normal message. The notifications of the app, then, work even when it is closed, exactly as it already happens on smartphones.

Theinterface, which, however, could change quite a bit in the final version of the app: there are no states on the left and the settings are grouped into 6 sections (General, Account, Chat, Notifications, Memory and Help).

The app of WhatsApp for macOS Catalyst, on the other hand, it would be almost identical to that for iPad (not yet officially released, but on which WhatsApp has been working for years). There would be only some small interface differences, which are necessary for the app to work properly on computers as well.

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