Do you want to install Windows 11 SE on an old PC? We have bad news

Do you want to install Windows 11 SE on an old PC? We have bad news
Do you want to install Windows 11 SE on an old PC? We have bad news

L’The rise of Chromebooks in schools during the pandemic was a global phenomenon: Google’s operating system with its simplicity of configuration, the speed of recovery in case of problems and the relative difficulty of tampering by students, combined with the excellent reactivity offered on low and very low cost machines, has made its way into the IT departments of schools.

Despite the recent decline in sales of devices with ChromeOS on board, Microsoft has decided to take the field in the Educational market with a dedicated version of Windows called Windows 11 SE, we told you about in this article.

Credit: Microsoft

Unlike in the past, Windows 11 SE isn’t simply a cheaper version of Windows, with fewer features and unable to run certain types of applications. Windows 11 SE will adopt saving all files, including student user profiles, on a school OneDrive account, plus they have been removed some Windows features in order to offer a distraction-free study experience.

The system is also “armored”, only IT admins will have the complete control of the configuration and maintenance of the devices, if possible manage apps and updates remotely via the Microsoft intune tool.

If you are a school IT administrator or just curious interested in one smaller and lighter version of Windows and you are wondering if Windows 11 SE could be used on the machines you already own, perhaps going to revitalize the 2 in 1 convertible you have in your drawer, Microsoft’s answer is no: Windows 11 SE is available only paired with a new PC, it remains possible to reinstall it but if you decide to update the Windows edition, it will no longer be possible to go back to the SE version.

While the tools made available to IT administrators by Microsoft in this version of Windows can certainly be an advantage, theinability to use Windows 11 SE on pre-existing hardware is definitely a big limitation in countering the rise of ChromeOS, that we remember it can be installed without any license fee on any PC, even if dated, through the Cloudready project.

For more information, you can see Microsoft’s article where Windows 11 SE, Windows 11 S Mode and Windows 11 in its Home and Pro versions are compared.

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