video compares the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the beta –

video compares the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the beta –
video compares the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the beta –

Today the lucky ones who received an invitation from Bandai Namco were able to preview Elden Ring, the highly anticipated new work from FromSoftware. One of these is ElAnalistaDeBits who took the opportunity to make one of his own video analysis, which in this case compares the versions PS5, PS4 Pro e PS4 of the closed beta build.

ElAnalistaDeBits states that the PS4 version of the Elden Ring beta runs at 1080p and 30fps on the standard PS4, at 1800p and a framerate around 35fps on average on PS4 Pro. On PS5, as we know, there are two graphics modes. The Quality mode turns to 2160p with a framerate that is around 45fps, but rather unstable, so much so that the youtuber states that it would have been better to block it at fixed 30fps. The Performance mode, on the other hand, has a dynamic 2160p resolution (often settling on 1620p) and reaches 60fps, but even in this case the framerate is not somewhat unstable. In any case, we are talking about a non-definitive build of Elden Ring and things from now to launch could improve significantly.

ElAnalistaDeBits also claims that the PS5 version of the closed beta features more greenery, better quality shadows (with Quality mode) and, of course, significantly shorter load times than PS4 and PS4 Pro.

We remind you that Elden Ring will be available from February 25 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. If you have had difficulties in the first session of the closed beta we recommend our guide with our tips to pass the Elden Ring network test without dying … too many times.


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