iPhone X “ modded ” with USB-C port has been sold! Here is the ” astronomical ” figure

If Apple hasn’t yet made an iPhone with a USB-C port, here someone has already thought of it. Indeed it has already done so. We told you a few weeks ago about an imaginative user who decided to anticipate the times and Apple and to make the first iPhone with a USB-C port by hand. To do itdecided to modify an old iPhone X by replacing the Lightning input with the USB-C portclearly fully functional.

His name Ken Pillonel, while the project, which clearly required several months of work due to its complexity, is still fully functional and the result is also shown in a video: aiPhone X model released in 2017 with afully functional USB-C port. The port not only recharges the battery but also allows the transfer of data to and from the device. The modder also sold the soul something more.

iPhone X with USB-C port: here is the selling price

The iPhone X with USB-C port was therefore sold at a truly incredible price of over $ 86,001. The auction ended a few hours ago and allowed the modder to repay his efforts, also becoming famous for having made the first iPhone with a fully functional USB-C port, even before Apple. In this case we remind you that the buyer is committed to thedo not open or modify the device, in order to leave it intact as it was actually made, also considering that it is a possible “piece of history”, capable of anticipating a future iPhone with these characteristics.

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