WhatsApp is now used on a computer without a phone

WhatsApp is now used on a computer without a phone
WhatsApp is now used on a computer without a phone

The plan to make WhatsApp truly multi-device has been underway for months, if not years: Facebook developers have been testing for some time the function that allows users to associate their account with secondary devices to continue receiving and sending messages too. when the main smartphone is not connected to the Internet: now you can use WhatsApp on your computer even without a phone.

At the moment the new feature is still in beta, but it has already been activated online on the server side, so most users can start using it, even for those who are not part of the beta test program of the social: simply update the app WhatsApp to the latest version released for iPhone and Android.

To start using WhatsApp on your computer, even when the main phone associated with your account is not connected to the Internet, you need to enable the function in the configuration and settings panel of the app. It comes in handy when the smartphone has run out of battery, when it has been lost or stolen and the user must be able to continue communicating with their contacts, simply having a computer at hand. Once the configuration process is also completed in the web app on the Internet, everything works as indicated by the social network, except for some limitations that remain in the beta phase.

All devices connected to your account can send and receive messages up to 14 days after the last access made via smartphone. Both messages and phone calls remain protected with encryption. As for the limitations, the developer warns that it is not possible to make calls with users who have not yet installed the latest version of the app, a limitation that will scale up and disappear as users update to the latest version. For the moment it is not yet possible to associate a secondary tablet or smartphone to your account.

To start using the new functions in beta and also WhatsApp on the computer without a phone, you need to update the app and then access the settings menu, finally open the item linked devices, connected devices.


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