PlayStation 5 has been cracked: debug mode exposed

Andy Nguyen, known in hacker circles as The FloW, announced that he was able to access the modalit debug its one PlayStation 5 regularly purchased. This means that the console firmware was cracked and that potentially can be done on jailbreak to run unauthorized software via .pkg files.

PS5 cracked but this is not the same as the proliferation of pirated software

Nguyen best known for his work for Sony to identify vulnerabilities and help keep PlayStation secure. also responsible for a number of high-profile homebrew resources such as thePSP Adrenaline emulator and other software such as Trinity eh -bis.

TheFloW, which released evidence of the hack on Twitter, has no plans to reveal how it cracked the PS5 firmware and most likely he notified Sony of the security breach. For these reasons very unlikely pirated software for the next generation console may begin to circulate, despite the discovery. For PS5, which is still not produced in sufficient volumes with respect to demand, it would be a further difficulty to be addressed.

We are talking about a security engineer who has already been able to find exploits of PS Vita and PS4. In the case of the previous home console, in fact, a security flaw was identified which Sony remedied with the release of a new firmware. However, the identification of the vulnerability triggers a real one “cat and mouse hunting” with hackers finding new ways to exploit the security flaw e Sony running for cover with new firmware. It is also worth reiterating how Xbox One from Microsoft remains un hacked to date, which is a big step forward for Redmond after the security failures encountered with Xbox 360.

Sony, as well as major technology companies, has a reward program for hackers who identify vulnerabilities and provide them with incentives for reporting security flaws. highly likely, therefore, that Sony and TheFloW are working together to tackle the new security challenge.

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