WhatsApp how to block someone without them noticing anything

Let’s see together this foolproof method to be able to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing anything.

WhatsApp: Here’s how we can block a person without them knowing

We all use the well-known instant messaging platform thousands of times a day, that is WhatsApp.

But few people know this trick to be able to block someone without him noticing absolutely nothing.

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We don’t even have to install anything because it is a function that is already inside the well-known program, and it is also very simple.

WhatsApp: how to block someone without telling them anything

Very often people can be too insistent, or whatever we don’t want to be bothered too much by someone we may not get along with for whatever reason.

But we can’t always totally prevent such a thing from happening, and for this reason we can use a simple trick that allows us, at least, to hear them as little as possible, without the other side knowing anything.

There is also the possibility of blocking people completely but we don’t always want to be that extremist, or maybe we can’t.

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However, there is a sort of middle ground, which allows us to block people in a less invasive way.

We do not have to install anything, but we simply have to go to the chat that interests us and press the button at the top right with the three dots drawn.

We can indeed, use the function that allows you to put on silent a certain chat and in this way you will no longer hear a message arrive from that person, or group, and you can decide when to open the conversation or not.

A simple trick on WhatsApp without having to install anything

This way you will no longer be forced to do anything or at least be alerted by a sound when the person is looking for you.

Doesn’t it seem like an excellent compromise to be able to go on with our day without anyone disturbing us and preventing us from living peacefully in that moment?

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