Google Drive becomes easier, the new search makes life easier for users

The Big G cloud service, used all over the world as a work tool and not, is preparing to welcome a substantial innovation aimed at simplifying users’ lives. The new features of Google Drive.


Google Drive has become, over the years, a faithful companion of millions of users around the world. From the simplest ability to host data on the cloud, freeing up space on devices, to the sharing of documents and material, in the workplace as well as for leisure or the most diverse reasons. Over the years, however, the amount of content “supported” on Google cloud it grows out of all proportion, and unless the user has done so over time to organize the files in an orderly manner, finding what you are looking for can become a difficult task.

This is where Google introduces a novelty, as elementary as it is desired by many Drive users, the ability to search for documents and files in a more targeted way.

Google Drive updates, new search filters make life easier


With the introduction of the search filters – as explained by Android Police – finding a file created, for example, years ago, becomes a decidedly operation simpler and less cumbersome. The operation is similar in dynamics to that already seen within Gmail, the Google e-mail service widespread worldwide. By starting to write a word in the search field, the platform automatically divides the results found, proposing them to the user in a more intuitive and rational way. Several sets of results useful in order to further refine the search and extricate themselves from the jungle of content created, in most cases, over the course of years and years.

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Another thing that will please users of Google Drive, not so much for originality as for the fact that it was not present before, is the choice of the type of file to search and the possibility of sorting the results like a folder, for example by type of file or date of last modification.


Google Drive easier search life easier users

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