Alfa Romeo: small is beautiful and premium

In a recent interview, the number one of the Alfa car manufacturer, the CEO Jean-Philippe Learned he said many interesting things. One of those that has most impressed the press and fans is the consideration that the CEO of the historic Milanese brand has made about the size of future cars of Alfa Romeo. In fact, Imparato stated that the fact of being a premium brand does not necessarily mean that the Italian house should have only large cars in its range.

Alfa Romeo: for Imparato even compact cars can be premium

In fact, according to Imparato, a car can be premium even if it belongs to “popular” segments such as segments B and C. This is obviously a prelude to the arrival of a series of compact models with which Alfa Romeo hopes to relaunch itself once and for all on the market by enriching its range which currently has just two models: Giulia and Stelvio.

In fact, the Frenchman made it clear that to return to profitability, the Alfa car manufacturer must do well in the most popular segments in the world. These statements seem to bring the return of some compact vehicles in the range ever closer Biscione. We already know with certainty that two SUVs will arrive in the next few years: Tonale and Brennero. These however shouldn’t be the only models that Alfa Romeo will propose in those market segments. In fact, there is talk of some sensational returns such as those of the heirs of MiTo and Juliet.

In fact, there is talk of a car along the lines of the Peugeot 208 and the return of Giulietta with PSA platform. Only after returning to the numbers will Alfa Romeo finally be able to launch on the market cars that are more faithful to its DNA, such as the future ones GTV e Spider that, however, Imparato has made it clear that they would already be in the pipeline. At the beginning of 2022 we should finally know all the Learned plans in detail but these statements already tell us a lot.

Alfa Romeo number one, Jean-Philippe Imparato confirmed the return of the Biscione in popular segments to increase registrations

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Alfa Romeo small beautiful premium

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