Here she was a smiling child, today she is the most beautiful in Italy: that’s who she is

Can you recognize who this little girl is in the picture? Here we see her as a child, but today she is 35 years old and is one of the most beautiful and famous showgirls and models in Italy: that’s who she is.

Big and lively eyes, sweet smile from girl: if you look carefully at these Photo you will immediately understand who is this girl with white headband in her hair smiling looking into the camera lens. If, on the other hand, you haven’t gotten there yet and you can’t guess who it is, let’s try to give some clue.

Famous showgirl as a child (Instagram screenshot)

Born in the province of Treviso, this little girl today has 35 years d’age and his is a familiar face in the Tv Italian: her career began as model e valletta. She was soon noticed by the talent scouts of Mediaset and starts working on the broadcast of Italy 1Hyenas“, And then to”Lucignolo“, Enjoying immediate success.

He participated as a competitor in reality-shows “Big Brother” e “The mole”And has been the host of several television shows on Mediaset and beyond. Often, however, the spotlights were shone on her for his too private life and the love story with more or less famous characters.

In the past he had one love affair with Alessandro Tersigni, Italian fiction and TV series actor. After the separation, yes she is engaged to a professional comedian and clown, by name Andrea Viganò, with whom he also had a son named Daniel, who is now almost 4 years old. Did you understand who we are talking about?

The girl in the photo is Melita Toniolo as a child

Melita Toniolo (screenshot Instagram)

The smiling little girl in Photo And Melita Toniolo, famous showgirl, actress and presenter, perhaps the most beautiful in Italy, at least in its golden years. His sexy calendars were among the best sellers between the years 2000 and 2010 and since then Melita Toniolo has become a fixed face of television broadcasts, such as columnist, competitor and host.

He also recently participated as sworn allo show “All Together Now 2“, Conducted by Michelle Hunziker on Canale 5, after a period of rest that saw her away from the TV for a few years, in which she probably devoted herself to maternity.

its Instagramhowever, it continues to be very active. On his profile describes itself as “Venetian mother“ma”Milanese by adoption“And, with the right amount of self-irony, shovels himself like a woman”made of hair and anxiety“, that “makes the ragù every month and then freezes it“.

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