Nintendo nails Bowser: the hacker forced to pay a millionaire fine

Nintendo nails Bowser: the hacker forced to pay a millionaire fine
Nintendo nails Bowser: the hacker forced to pay a millionaire fine

Nintendo did it: Bowser has been acknowledged of all his crimes. No, not the fictional character who kidnaps Princess Peach in the Super Mario games. We are talking about Gary Bowser, an American citizen who over the course of seven, long years has participated and contributed to keeping the pirate scene active on the consoles of the Kyoto house and beyond.

The story of Gary Bowser starts when Nintendo launches its 3DS on the market. The man decides, on his own initiative, to join a group of hackers to find exploits and thus allow the execution on the console of pirated material and more. Thanks to the organization, in fact, all the participants sold software and hardware to allow the portable console of the Japanese manufacturer to run games downloaded from the Internet, thus breaking any copyright rules.

Immediately after the 3DS, Bowser’s attention does not fail and focuses, this time, on Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console of the Kyoto house is modified by the collective and, therefore, the new round starts again: they sell the tools to modify the machine online, together with guides and give everything necessary to buyers to to be able to download their games.

Now, a year after the start of the process, Nintendo can claim to have won. Gary Bowser, in fact, has pleaded guilty to all charges in court. Now the man (who fled to the Dominican Republic to avoid legal consequences) will have to pay a share fine of $ 4.5 million but still faces about five years in prison for his crimes. The Xecuter team was obviously not only dedicated to modifying the consoles of the Kyoto house, but over time it has also produced changes for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Despite this, only Nintendo has had the “courage” to go all the way to bring it before a judge.

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Nintendo nails Bowser hacker forced pay millionaire fine

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