WhatsApp has a big announcement with the new version: have you already noticed it?

News also for WhatsApp!

With the announcement of the change of Facebook, which will be part of “Meta”, WhatsApp will change layout and will be added to the new project by Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp will also be part of the “metaverse”!

In recent days Mark Zuckerberg he has officially announced the arrival of some changes regarding the Facebook platform. “Meta“, Short for metaverse, the new name he will give to his company. The other platforms also fall within this project, such as Instagram, among these will be included WhatsApp. These are radical changes, some of which are part of the interface and therefore also of the layout itself, which would lead the internet to a Next Level, launching and giving space to new opportunities also in the sector market.

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With the arrival of the version of WhatsApp there have been some changes and updates. The latest beta version, served a to correct some bug as an example “the reaction to messages”Which affected the chat interface. To celebrate the 150k Twitter followers of the messaging app, in the future it will be possible to extend the time limit for deleting your sent messages, which is now about 7 minutes. In addition to these updates, others have been introduced improvements concerning thegraphic appearance.

What will happen to WhatsApp now?

The main novelty contained within the new version is the inscription “WhatsApp from Meta” first in version Android and then that IOS. The interface will transform and, bring about changes, to usher in the new future name of Zuckerberg’s company. Everything was also confirmed in the Twitter profile, Will Cathcart, with in addition other related information. On the profile you can also find a video that anticipates everything that could be and belong to development in Meta.

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For the moment there are no other updates, it is a news date of recent and it will take some time before you can understand them developments of what the multiverse will be for both Facebook and for all the other software that have joined it. It sure will be a real transformation, one step forward and with a special consideration to the future that awaits us. There will certainly be other surprises, we will have to be patient. The news seems to be all promising, nothing suggests a negative and / or superficial development.


WhatsApp big announcement version noticed

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