Sony is serious: PlayStation PC is born

Sony is serious: PlayStation PC is born
Sony is serious: PlayStation PC is born

In case some users of Sony consoles continue to have doubts about the publisher’s intention to bring their own exclusives PlayStation your PC, from today it will necessarily have to change its mind: the strategy of the Japanese giant appears by now clear and marked.

To this day, many of the exclusive consoles released on PC, such as Days Gone, were in fact indicated as published by the publisher PlayStation Mobile: things are changing, however, since now it is possible to see a new publisher created specifically for the occasion, which leaves no room for possible interpretations. In fact, PlayStation PC was born, the publisher created specifically for the passage of exclusives to the homonymous market.

The new publisher should therefore appear soon also on the page of God of War, as the PC port was recently announced: Sony has already confirmed that a minor studio, not Santa Monica, will take care of the development.

Confirming Sony’s desire to make its most important exclusives available on PC, it will also be available soon Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, the collection with all the chapters of the saga that will not be developed by Naughty Dog on PC, with an operation very similar to that of the last adventure of Kratos.

As reported by VGC, Sony Interactive Entertainment had registered the trademark Playstation pc it April 13, 2021, as visible on the relevant page on Corporation Wiki through its headquarters in California: in the last few hours it has already officially started using it for the distribution of computer games.

If the name change may appear as a simple formality, it represents the clear intentions of the console giant definitely conquer the market.

Having created the PlayStation PC publisher in effect therefore means that the exclusive titles distributed beyond the consoles they will not be a small exception, but which could become over time a real norm fans will have to get used to.

Currently, not all titles have adopted this definition: for example, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is still published by PlayStation Mobile, while products such as Days Gone they have already taken this particular step.

It will therefore probably be only one a matter of hours before all the video games distributed by Sony decide to adopt this new indication, which shows the public how seriously Sony is aiming at the PC market.

After all, this step happened only recently, so it is likely that there are still some operations to be performed before the change becomes official for every single game.

Of course, should any more emerge news or official press releases regarding the subject, we will not fail to keep you constantly updated on our pages.

The news may also not have ended here: according to a leak, an exclusive PlayStation released together with PS5 could soon arrive on Steam.

Who knows how fans of Bloodborne, as fans expressed all their frustration with the announcement of God of War, feeling ignored by developers for far too long.

It would appear though that a PC version of its own Bloodborne is actually ready: new confirmations have arrived on the subject, which fans at this point hope to be truthful.

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