has the system been hacked?

has the system been hacked?
has the system been hacked?

Has the system for generating the QR Codes linked to the Green Pass been hacked? The French leaker Reversebrain put forward the hypothesis through his official Twitter account, where he explained that the Pass validation system would be able to recognize fake codes as authentic.

The screenshots show the Italian application VerificationC19, which certifies a QR Code generated with non-authentic data as authentic.

To confirm this, various images are starting to circulate on the web showing how the system may have been the victim of some flaw. Fanpage, for example, reports a screenshot that is running on the web and showing Verification C19 validating an Adolf Hitler Green Certification, complete with personal data and information on the vaccination status. And of course the green tick.

On Raidforums, one of the most famous sites on the dark web, a Polish user claims that he would be able to generate any type of paid pass, and many argue that behind this apparent flaw there could be some official who works in a pharmacy or hospital and which then is able to access the system which is able to create the certificates.

The French leaker Reversebrain, as we show in the tweets below, instead, points to the hypothesis of leakage of information on the keys that are used to sign the Green Passes. A hypothesis that, however, has not yet been officially confirmed by the European authorities and that if it were, it would put the entire Covid-19 Green Pass system at risk.


system hacked

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