Galaxy S21 FE is back, but the standard S21 is already at a minimum price

Galaxy S21 FE is back, and with Samsung’s move in the past few hours, the hopes of fans have also returned to light up, who, after having anticipated being able to put one in their pocket hearing the rumors of recent months, feared that Samsung had canceled a project now ready for debut.

The story of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, in fact, is one of the most intricate of the last years. The project seemed to debut at any moment between August and September also in light of the fact that Samsung had already sent the support pages online. But probably because of the chip crisis, the company in the highlight has indirectly confirmed the most pessimistic indiscretions by deleting those same support pages that it had uploaded online some time before. At that point it was clear that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was not going to debut. Until a few hours ago, when Samsung reported online Support pages removed and indiscretions are back in charge.

The pages on the Galaxy S21 FE are back online

The support pages for the Galaxy S21 FE have returned to the public in at least three of the different portals that Samsung owns for each country in which it is present. The news is in fact one indirect confirmation of the intention to bring the debut of the device long awaited by fans, to which it is dedicated starting from the name (S21 Fan Edition). Samsung Galaxy S21 FE so he is not dead. It is now expected on the market in January, probably theJanuary 11 as reported by the most recent rumors which, as mentioned, have returned to the charge on the smartphone after the (indirect) confirmations of Samsung.

Recently the version of Galaxy S21 FE for the African market (and probably for several other international markets) was caught on Geekbench, where it highlighted the presence of a chip Exynos 2100 the same as the Galaxy S21 range “standard“. Samsung could therefore differentiate the offer by building Galaxy S21 FE with Snapdragon 888 chip and others with Exynos 2100, in the attempt – understandable – of dribble the chip crisis which complicates the construction of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is at the lowest price ever

However, the more delayed the debut of the Galaxy S21 FE, the more complicated the experience of the next Samsung smartphone becomes. Several competitors, meanwhile, drop in price, and the same goes for i Galaxy S21 “standard”, which are gradually cheaper. The question is therefore legitimate: why wait for the Galaxy S21 FE months – which will be anyway less valuable Galaxy S21 – if you can have the model from which it derives right away at a probably price cheaper of what the Fan Edition will be proposed to?

In fact, answering is not immediate, so here is the reason why many are more and more seduced by the “standard” Galaxy S21, which on Amazon has now reached prices from smartphone of mid-range, despite being a absolute top.

Samsung Galaxy S21 it is in fact proposed sold and shipped by Amazon for 669.90 euros (-209 euros, -24%), the lowest price it has ever reached since launch. Shipping is not very fast, with delivery times estimated between November 16 and December 19. It is not cheap, but still less than what you will have to expect for the S21 FE, which will also be an inferior smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – Version 8/128 GB

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