Far Cry 6 bored you? Ubisoft “teases” you via email

Far Cry 6 bored you? Ubisoft “teases” you via email
Far Cry 6 bored you? Ubisoft “teases” you via email

Far Cry 6 has been particularly awaited by many users, but it is also a fairly long-lived open world adventure that, inevitably, it might tire you out a certain group of players who are unable to give them the right attention.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the charismatic villain of Far Cry 6, played by Giancarlo Esposito, Ubisoft has therefore decided to start a goliardic initiative to try to convince players to return to Yara: let El Presidente tease them via email for leaving the game.

The title was also appreciated because of its graphic quality, admirable thanks to some screenshots made by a professional photographer that make it very difficult to distinguish the video game from reality.

In spite of everything, it was not the most appreciated chapter of the saga: according to the editors of Kotaku there would be no doubt about the best Far Cry ever.

Lots of Far Cry 6 have reported having received e-mails «written»From El Presidente, who make fun of the players for suddenly quitting gambling (via IGN.com).

Among the first to report it was the journalist Brendan Sinclair, who highlighted how now video games have started to annoy users only because they decided not to play it anymore.

In the e-mail in question received from the villain of Far Cry 6, in addition to including the current game time, El Presidente stresses that he stayed disappointed from us and that we can do better to stop it, while admitting that has been “a blastSee us fail and thanking us for giving him Yara.

However, Ubisoft’s strategy seems to be linked not only to players who have abandoned the adventure, but even to those who are continuing to play it: other users have in fact reported having received similar, albeit less aggressive, e-mails.

Not all users, however, appreciated the move of the developers, feeling harassed just because they had “dared»Stop playing: Ubisoft listened to community feedback and responded in a short time press release, Released to IGN.com.

«Emails sent to Far Cry 6 they are meant to be an ingenious and fun way to remind users to go back to Yara and were written as if they came from El Presidente himself.

We listened to the community and we shared their concerns with El Presidente. Know that you miss Chorizo ​​a lot».

From the last part of the message, it would seem that Ubisoft is hinting that the villain he will try not to be so aggressive anymore towards users who have nevertheless purchased the game: we will see if Giancarlo Esposito’s character intends to keep his word.

It is not the first time that the title, in spite of itself, is overwhelmed by controversy: recently the animal welfare associations have attacked Far Cry 6 because of the roosters.

Furthermore, a few weeks ago there was an additional problem for the publisher to solve: in some countries it was impossible to upgrade for free from the PS4 to the PS5 version.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed Ubisoft’s latest adventure, you may also want to consider ruining your friendships with the deck. ONE to topic.

If you want to discover one of the most popular chapters of the saga, you can buy it on Amazon Far Cry 3 Classic Edition at a special price.

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