State of Play, revealed the first PlayStation game we’ll see tomorrow

State of Play, revealed the first PlayStation game we’ll see tomorrow
State of Play, revealed the first PlayStation game we’ll see tomorrow

A few days ago came the announcement of a new one State of Play, an event organized by Sony to unveil the latest news coming to PlayStation console.

The console that hosts exclusives such as Deathloop in fact, it still has several cartridges to unveil, one of which has been officially anticipated in these hours.

It is also true that the first clues have already emerged recently on what we will see in the next few hours, an event that could reserve more than a surprise.

The new State of Play will air Wednesday 27 October at 11.00 pm, although PlayStation didn’t want to go into too much detail on what we can expect.

Now, through the official PlayStation social pages (via ResetEra), the confirmation of the participation of Little Devil Inside at the State of Play on October 27.

In fact, during the evening we will attend a new presentation of the gameplay of this promising role-playing adventure developed by the talented members of the Neostream team.

The official description of the game reads:

Set in a Victorian-like era where creatures, monsters and other mysterious life forms really exist, Little Devil Inside is a distinctively styled action adventure from indie developers Neostream Interactive.

A professor of the local university hires you to help him in his research, investigating and studying paranormal activities that are often reported, but are generally not considered real threats.

Take on breathtaking high-risk adventures, launch into side missions, encounters unexpected events, wanders and explores a world where industrialization is proceeding at a great pace. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and get your homework done.

Speaking of games available on PS5 consoles, you have read the news of the new and very important update of Returnal?

But not only: Sony has decided to inaugurate a new initiative to promote the subscription PlayStation Now, offering it at a big discount on the PS Store.

Finally, among the latest games added to the service there is also a great masterpiece exclusive on PlayStation console.

If you want to recover a recent and popular PS5 exclusive, you can buy it on Amazon Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart at a special price.

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