The latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumors have some bad news for users

The rumors of a release of Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating for several months now but to date there is still nothing official, since we are only talking about rumors. What leaks from the YouTube channel Nate the Hate will not leave the owners of Nintendo Switch: let’s see why.

As reported by Nate the Hate, the new model of Nintendo Switch, called Nintendo Switch 2, will be released in about a year, at the end of 2022. So far nothing dramatic: in the absence of verified information, it would be nice to have an indicative date on which to base. But there is more: according to what reported by the leaker, Nintendo Switch 2 may not read titles released for Nintendo Switch (e Nintendo Switch OLED).

This news, if it were true, would be a real low blow against players in possession of numerous titles for the hybrid console. Fortunately, for now there is nothing official, but we must emphasize how Nate the Hate has already made correct predictions in the past. Furthermore, the rumor states that Nintendo Switch 2 will support 4K via Nvidia DLSS, which in turn suggests performance will be similar to that of PS5 e Xbox Series X, although many doubts remain on the question: how would it be possible to achieve such results on a portable console, while maintaining a low price?

If this rumor about it Nintendo Switch Pro should find confirmation, Nintendo it would really suffer a lot of criticism for failing backward compatibility of the games already on the market. We just have to wait for official information directly provided by the big N.


latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumors bad news users

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