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Playstation has just announced an important event, which will serve to keep the Japanese brand’s attention high.

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Time passes and we end up taking many important things for granted. Among these there are also video games, which lately do not always manage to please the general public, between constant postponements and problems at launch that are not exactly easy to digest. For this reason, keeping the attention of the public high, very high on your line-up is essential for any type of brand, to continue selling and being influential.

Of course Playstation it has no problem establishing itself as an important brand, but there are still competing games, such as Xbox and Nintendo, that can steal the stage from the Japanese company. And here a wind Playstation has been established in the near future, to a great surprise. Let’s talk about one State of Play, yet another event of this kind that will try to present video games that will be available for PS4 e PS5.

Playstation event, new State of Play announced

PS5 with player and digital

The Playstation event has been planned for the next one October 27, 2021, Wednesday. The State of Play in question will be a very important event, which undoubtedly could tell us much more about what the Japanese company’s medium and long-term plans will be.

The speculations are already many and there are many who can not wait to understand what Playstation has in hand for the event. There could be some really very interesting announcements, maybe some new IP or some official date that can make gamers dream while waiting for the next releases. A few minutes of major and highly anticipated video game gameplay could also be shown for next year such as Elden Ring e Horizon Forbidden West.

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All that remains is to wait and hope that something very interesting can be shown, perhaps surprising everyone. The event will be held at 23:00 Italian.


date time State Play

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