PlayStation Store, The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes e Disciples: Liberation

In anticipation of the many releases in November, the PlayStation Store a more contained and essential update is being granted this week, which, however, does not lack some titles of great interest. It is the case of The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, the new chapter of the horror series signed by Supermassive Games, which surprises with a different setting and a story full of surprises.

Then we have the debut of the mammoth RPG Disciples: Liberation, with its eighty-hour campaign promising really big things, and the expected arrival of Carrion, the excellent metroidvania where the roles are reversed and we control the evil creature who wants to devour everyone. Finally, note the release of Corpse Party, a reissue of the iconic Japanese horror adventure originally released in 1996.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, one of the characters explores the dungeon to find the statue of Pazuzu

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes (PS5 and PS4, € 29.99) is the new episode of the horror anthology developed by Supermassive Games, the team behind Until Dawn (review here), which has chosen a scenario for this adventure different from the usual, that of the last war in Iraq, telling the story of a team of soldiers in charge of looking for the deposits of chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein.

We are in 2003 and the group headed by the officer Rachel King he is exploring an area that according to the satellite system could hide the weapons in question, but at the same time a team of Iraqi soldiers are also sent to intercept the attack. But no one knows that a sudden landslide will soon cause everyone to fall underground.

Finding themselves in the ruins of an ancient Sumerian temple, the protagonists of The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes (review here) will have to deal with a force that comes from the past, the same that horror cinema fans have seen in action in the past. The Exorcist and that here we will be able to face from the point of view of different characters, in the context of a plot that will not fail to surprise.

The formula is the same as always, with a system strongly based on quick time event but also and above all on a system of choices and consequences that will influence the course of the adventure, producing different endings depending on the decisions we make and the people we will be able to protect or not.

Disciples: Liberation

Disciples: Liberation, a combat sequence

Firma Studio’s new, ambitious project catapults us into a wide world dark fantasy, fascinating and evocative but also full of pitfalls, made up of thirteen different regions and a large amount of dungeons that we will have the task of exploring in search of treasures and experience with which to grow our character and his fortress.

As part of a bloody war involving various factions with which we can choose to side, the gameplay of Disciples: Liberation (PS5 and PS4, € 49.99) is divided into three parts. The first is a rich exploratory phase in which we will have the opportunity to move within the scenario in the role of the protagonist, Avyanna, and interact with the various NPCs through dialogues that can determine the progress of events.

Disciples: Liberation, a look at the fortress

Disciples: Liberation, a look at the fortress

The second is instead represented by turn-based combat, characterized by a great strategic depth, while the third part revolves around the management of the aforementioned fortress: a real hub where to create and train new units, unlock upgrades and dedicate ourselves to Avyanna’s skills by choosing the style we prefer among the various approaches available.

As we wrote in our Disciples: Liberation trial, the game made by Company Studio perhaps it does not have a great personality from a technical and artistic point of view, but it has on its side the solidity of a system that will certainly give great satisfaction to RPG enthusiasts.


Carrion, the monster faces a soldier armed with a flamethrower

Carrion, the monster faces a soldier armed with a flamethrower

A year and a half after the debut on PC and Xbox, Carrion (PS4, € 19.99 with 20% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers) finally arrives on PlayStation 4, bringing with it its load of original mechanics , an interesting style structure metroidvania and a decidedly different protagonist: in the game we will control the evil monster.

The alien creature protagonist of the adventure, a shapeless red mass that can quickly launch its tentacles to tear the flesh of its victims, inspired in many ways by the iconic Thing from John Carpenter, he is simply tasked with killing and destroying everything he encounters along the way, moving inside an underground research station full of scientists and guards.

Carrion, a bloody fight

Carrion, a bloody fight

Some areas of the base will only become accessible after obtaining specific upgrades, as per tradition, but exploring them will involve the arrival of new types of enemies, equipped with weapons that can actually hurt us. To defeat them we will have to use all our skills and precisely shoot the appendages of the monster as in a sort of twin stick shooter, coloring the walls of the structure red.

The end result is a different experience than usual, not very varied as regards the scenarios but characterized by a great atmosphere and many interesting ideas, including an excellent growth system for the creature. Would you like to know more? Then check out our Carrion review.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party, a student touched by a dark presence

Corpse Party, a student touched by a dark presence

Re-edition of Blood Covered and Repeated Fear, itself a remake of the first episode of the series, originally released in 1996, Corpse Party (PS4, € 19.99 with 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers) marks the return to console of the iconic survival horror developed by the Japanese studio Team GrisGris.

The history of the game tells the story of a group of students from Kisaragi Academy, a high school built on the rubble of a haunted elementary school. After performing a lucky ritual, the boys suddenly find themselves thrown back into the old school: they will have to find a way to return to their reality before falling victim to the fury of a mysterious killer.

Promotion of the Week

NBA 2K22, a look at one of the players present

NBA 2K22, a look at one of the players present

We finally return to talk about the Promotion of the Week on PlayStation Store, which this time sees the protagonist NBA 2K22 (review here), the latest edition of the excellent simulation of basket developed by Visual Concepts.

Thanks to this offer, valid until October 28, it is possible to buy the game in the PS5 version for € 52.49 instead of 74.99, in the PS4 version for € 48.99 instead of 69.99 and in the NBA 75th anniversary edition at € 79.99 instead of 99.99.

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