WhatsApp, how to write in bold or italics: it’s very simple

Check on WhatsApp a trick to write in bold or italics. In fact, the trick is very simple and just a few steps will be enough: how to do it.

New trick for instant messaging application (via screenshot)

For some time WhatsApp allows you to write in chats also in italics or bold. In fact, in order to write in bold on WhatsApp or use other fonts you must first of all know the keyboard shortcuts, which will allow you to easily access the trick. So let’s see a short useful guide for iPhone, Android, but also for PC e Mac for those who use WhatsApp Web.

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  • How to write bold: It will be possible to write in bold on WhatsApp using two methods. In fact, according to the first trick it will be enough to put ‘*‘before and after the word or phrase. For example, you will need to write ‘*He how are you* ‘and the text will appear in bold. The trick will also work on PC and Mac. While for those who have an iPhone you can choose “Select” O “Select all” and click on the font icon (B/U).
  • How to italicize: Writing in italics on the application is always easy. In fact, the procedure will be similar, but instead of the asterisk you will have to put the underscore at the beginning and end of the sentence. For example, just write: “_He how are you_“. The trick works for both Android and iOS, and it will also be possible to use the trick on the web version of the application.

WhatsApp, the ‘Collections’ function arrives: how to use it

The latest update adds a function to the app (via screenshot)

WhatsApp is ready to renew the application with a new interesting function. In fact during the last conference Mark Zuckerberg launched a new feature called “Collections“. This feature will primarily affect Business users and it will make it easier to purchase items using categories. So the feature allows companies from organize the articles in their catalogs by category. This will make it easier for users to choose which products to buy.

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In the last few hours, a note from the company has also been published stating: “We want to make WhatsApp the best way for people to buy goods and services and for companies to connect with their customers. For this reason we are making it easier to see what a company offers on the application“. In addition, the function was introduced in 2019 with the name of ‘Catalogs’, but on that occasion it passed a little on the sly.

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