how to recognize it and what to do

The scam linked to the message “your package has been held at our shipping center” returns to threaten users throughout Italy. In fact, in the last few hours we are witnessing a new attempt at scam which uses a text already known in the past by the Postal Police and other law enforcement agencies.

This is a classic message SMS which tries to deceive the categories with less familiarity in situations of this kind. In particular, the deception wants to hit all those who are used to doing Online shopping and which, consequently, tend to track shipping orders through the alerts they receive on PCs, smartphones or tablets.

The phenomenon is commonly known as Smishing and it is a variant of the most famous Phishing, a type of scam carried out on the Internet through which an attacker tries to circumvent the victim by pretending to be a trustworthy entity and convincing them to provide personal information such as financial data (credit or debit card numbers), credentials or other access codes (here all information on how to defend yourself).

Smishing, what it is and how to recognize it

Smishing is a particular type of cyber attack already known to security researchers, but lately it is being talked about again due to numerous new infection campaigns reported all over the world.

Unlike the more common spam via email, smishing uses text messages on cell phones to lure victims into the trap – often using a tone of urgency and necessity – and extort their confidential data.

Furthermore, in the latest variants, criminal hackers have discovered ways to use modified versions of normals applications, commonly downloadable from various app stores. The strategy is to install a software malicious that can simulate receiving an SMS message.

In particular, a vulnerability known as “write-sms” is exploited on Android, which in any case has been corrected with the latest releases of the mobile operating system of Google (here the numbers of the phishing phenomenon during the pandemic).

One of the most massive campaigns that have affected our country was reported by Italian post and it is attributable to a group of anonymous scammers who have flooded the mobile phones and smartphones of thousands of our compatriots in recent years.

Through some SMS messages (apparently sent by the Italian Post Office itself), the attackers invited to make one phone top-up online to receive free phone credit.

The text indicated how many euros of credit and how many gigabytes of Internet would be given away to anyone who had made a credit on a site indicated with the URL address.

The return of the message on the package to be collected

In recent times, however, the SMS message has returned to circulate containing a false indication on a package owned by the user who would be temporarily in storage (no indication of which company or company) waiting to be withdrawn.

At the same time, an address link is indicated on which you are invited to click to receive news on the status of the shipment and on delivery times or on collection methods. All fake clearly, but the risk of falling into the trap can grow for anyone who has requested an order to be sent or are waiting for a delivery man to deliver.

A method of fraud already known to the authorities of control, monitoring and intervention against online extortion attempts. Unfortunately, however, the message has started to circulate again during the last few weeks, so it is recommended to everyone utmost caution.

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