They drug and steal other users, chaos in a well-known video game

In the universe of gamers there is a video game that although it will probably never see a definitive green light with each update becomes more and more fun.

They drug and steal other users, chaos in a well-known video game – VIDEO (photo: Kahin Pierce)

We are talking about the infinite project that Cloud Imperium has been going on for now we no longer know how long: Star Citizen. Usually a video game comes out after a test phase and then maybe it is updated. Those of Cloud Imperium, on the other hand, are perpetually in a testing phase and they add and remove things as if in reality the game had already been released or, and this is another key to understanding, as if no one saw the game.

With the latest update, the 3.15, the players participating in this epic space with spaceships that look like the flying equivalent of Ferraris, they discovered they could do something that is only seen in those slums that populate crime films.

Star Citizen, how do you get high in a video game?

The update, we think, must have been one of those fulminating ideas like: let’s try making a smoothie without putting the lid on. Those of Cloud Imperium have in fact added the possibility, while the players are in the bases, to be able dispensing doses of medicines to restore health. It would seem a very chivalrous addition but more than a few users have led to extreme consequences this ease of dispensing medicines and in the video game now also in the bases, where in theory nothing bad should happen to you, you have to keep your eyes open and at a distance anyone who tries to give you a pill.

There is in fact no limit the number of doses of medicines that can be dispensed and exceeded a certain quantity of medicines the character falls to the ground stoned, unconscious. In these conditions it is not possible to defend oneself and therefore more than someone has decided to take advantage of the update to rob other players. Thankfully the basic rules are that it cannot be attacked and therefore in addition to losing one’s assets, nothing else can happen to you. We told you they look like the slums of a detective.

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Clearly on reddit there are those who have begun to complain loudly about this useless update but most of the players think that this addition to the video game is definitely fun. We have no idea how long this possibility will continue to exist or how possible it will be to drug people inside Star Citizen but if you are one of the players who have fun with this endless Cloud Imperium project, eyes open and pills in hand.


drug steal users chaos wellknown video game

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