‘The perfect virus’, the PresaDiretta special on the unresolved issues of the pandemic Crisanti: “Lombardy? She was sitting on a bomb”

In the PresaDiretta special entitled “The perfect virus“, Broadcast on Saturday 23 October at 9.45pm on Rai3, Andrea Crisanti – in an interview granted to Francesca Nava – for the first time he talks about technical advice for Prosecutor of Bergamo, which he has been working on for almost a year and a half with a team of scientists from Imperial College London. At the heart of the report, which will be delivered by December, there are studies and mathematical calculations who will have to provide answers to the questions of the Bergamo magistrates about what happened inside the hospital in Alzano Lombardo (closed only for a few hours on 23 February 2020), on the consequences and impact of the missed red zone in Val Seriana and the failure to implement the national pandemic plan, the update of which was still in 2006. Con interviews and exclusive documents, the PresaDiretta special will also address the other shadows of the pandemic by retracing the entire chain of command that led to the decisions taken by the Government and Regions in the first weeks of the Covid emergency, with a particular focus on regional pandemic plans.

DirectPick will also return to Wuhan to investigate the secrets of the Institute of Virology and the laboratory incident with surprising updates. What kind of experiments were being done in China in specialized coronavirus laboratories and what was the American involvement in those researches? Why was the hypothesis that the virus might have accidentally come out of one of those labs removed and hidden in favor of the natural spillover? There are conflicts of interest in the
international scientific community that has investigated the origins of the virus? What is behind the cold war that pits China and the United States right on the origins of the
virus? PresaDiretta has lined up all the questions that the scientific world and public opinion have asked about the origins of Sars-Cov-2, the virus that changed our lives. And he found many answers.

THE PERFECT VIRUS ”and“ THE SHADOWS OF THE PANDEMIC ”, Saturday 23 October at 9.45pm
on Rai3. Investigations by Riccardo Iacona, Lisa Iotti, Francesca Nava, Luigi Mastropaolo,
Irene Sicurella. Filmmaker Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Raffaele Manco and Massimiliano

video www.raiplay.it

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