If you loved Half-Life 2 you will love this new FPS

If you loved Half-Life 2 you will love this new FPS
If you loved Half-Life 2 you will love this new FPS

In the last few months of 2021, there are several games to keep an eye on. Between big triple A releases like the new COD and Battflefield and a pair of highly anticipated Xbox exclusives like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, there’s also room for smaller experiences that might surprise you. Among these there is also a very interesting new FPS that takes strong inspiration from a legend like Half-Life 2.

Let’s talk about Industry, a new first person shooter that is based on a strong storytelling and a very fascinating game environment. The game is set in an alternative 1989 Berlin shortly after the fall of the wall, and will take us on the trail of a colleague of the protagonist who disappeared in a seemingly deserted city.

The title, released at the end of September, has passed on the sly, but recently it was the protagonist in a video of Digital Foundry where the editorial staff had fun with analyze it from various points of view, including the technical side.

You can see extensive gameplay sections in the Digital Foundry video, but we’re sure if you loved that Half-Life 2 masterpiece it won’t take you much to fall in love with this industry too.

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