Paola Di Benedetto distorts her hair look, even Federico Rossi approves

She decided to change her hair look: “I wanted to change” confessed Paola Di Benedetto, here she is with her new haircut!

We met a sweet and sensitive soul in the Big Brother VIP House: the young Paola Di Benedetto, winner of the fourth edition of the reality show, conquered the Italians right away.

Photo source Instagram

The first time she appeared on the small screen as Ciao Darwin’s Mother Nature: over the years Di Benedetto has shown the television audience not only her natural beauty, but also her genuineness, friendliness and sweetness. The showgirl and model today is also one of the voices of RTL 102.5. Do you know that she has decided to twist her haircut? In the last few hours it has updated its social channels …

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“I wanted to change”: Paola Di Benedetto distorts her hair look, even Federico Rossi approves

Paola Di Benedetto has decided to change her hair look: ‘let’s get a cut’ she must have thought before going to her trusted hairdresser. So he did!

paola di benedetto
Photo source Instagram

The sweet former contestant of the Big Brother VIP confessed her desire to change her look and after having done a cut and a fold from her trusted hair stylist, she took an enchanting photograph. Here she is:

paola di benedetto
Change of look for Paola di Benedetto Fonte photo Instagram

She shortened her hair: now the hair comes just after her shoulders! Impossible to think that he can feel bad: with the new cut, Di Benedetto confirms itself as a real Italian crash!

Fans and colleagues-friends approve: “What a beautiful, you look great”, “Beautiful Paoletta, with this cut you look great, you are the top” are some of the comments that can be read under the post published a day ago. Among the thousands of likes, there is also that of her ex boyfriend, Federico Rossi! The two appear to have remained on excellent terms.

Like Federico Rossi Photo source Instagram

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Paola Benedetto distorts hair Federico Rossi approves

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