Does the phone “listen” to you? Here’s how to prevent your data from being “stolen” – Tech

Does the phone “listen” to you? Here’s how to prevent your data from being “stolen” – Tech
Does the phone “listen” to you? Here’s how to prevent your data from being “stolen” – Tech

The phone listens to me. We’ve all been through it, we’ve said it, or at least thought about it. Too strange to find on the first banner the product we talked about only a few hours before, or seeing that we just need to type a few letters because the Google suggested search guess what we wanted to look for. The speech of the “remotely” controllable microphones and cameras has been a debated topic for years now. But now there is also evidence, the Privacy Guarantor has in fact opened a dossier on apps that collect data (without users’ consent) and resell them to commercial companies. These applications, upon download, require authorization to have access to microphones and cameras in order to collect all the information to be packaged for interested third-party companies. According to the Privacy Guarantor, this phenomenon is increasingly expanding, and most users would be “unaware” of the “spies” inside their pockets, often stunned and not very interested in the releases that they must necessarily accept in order to use these applications. In this sense, the Privacy Guarantor is also fighting per simplify information with symbols and images that can make the user understand immediately what he is actually giving consent to.

How to defend against stolen apps? Enough intervene manually to decide which applications can use the microphone

Android, how to disable App access to the microphone

On a phone Android, to do so, just go up settings, choose the item “privacy“, And inside it click on”manage permissions“And select”microphone“. Here you can choose which applications to grantpermission to use the microphone.

iOS, how to protect privacy on mobile phones

Its a device iOS the procedure is not very different: after unlocking your mobile, go up settings, “privacy” and choose the item microphone. Also in this case it will be possible to decide which apps to authorize. But that is not all. In fact, the new smartphones have “voice assistants “ integrated as Ok Google and Siri. It is also possible to de-authorize the microphone for this particular function. In both cases, always from settings, select the voice assistant and “flag” the section relating to the microphone on off.

Apple, how to protect our data

For Apple devices, from settings, select “accessibility” and then “voice control”. Also in this case the relative cursor must be moved to off. To make a conscious decision with whom to share our information.

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