the new trend for a luminous and natural result

the new trend for a luminous and natural result
the new trend for a luminous and natural result

No makeup will be one of the makeup trends for winter. A fresh, natural and luminous look that will give a youthful appearance and a flawless complexion to women of all ages.

The “makeup no makeup” is undoubtedly one of the more glamorous seasonal trends, able to give away a refined, fresh, elegant and super natural look on women of all ages from the very young to the most mature.


Let’s find out what products to use and how to make it to be cared for and perfect every day.

“No Makeup”, the make-up that is there but cannot be seen: what are the products to make it happen

I know you want to give your face a well-groomed and fresh look, the “no makeup” is the makeup for you. A perfect complexion, luminous and fresh skin, well-defined eyebrows, magnetic eyes and strictly naked lips. A style and a perfect makeup look to show off every day and to make sparkling by playing on the lips, dressing them in important colors, perhaps to show off in the evening or on a special occasion. To achieve this type of natural makeup will be indispensable:

1- Primer

The primer will not be an indispensable product for all women. It will be useful to lay it out when the complexion is not compact, if you have skin that tends to shine or particularly marked by time.
Green light therefore to mattifying primers or fillers to be applied before the foundation.

2- Foundation

The foundation, possibly in liquid form, will ensure a homogeneous face base. For a super natural effect the application with the damp sponge will be perfectIf, on the other hand, the skin requires a higher coverage factor, it can be applied with a flat brush, with the dry sponge or with your fingers.

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3- Corrector

The concealer will be essential to camouflage the small defects such as dark circles, pimples and everything that makes the complexion uneven. You can also use color correctors to eliminate spots, redness or if you want to illuminate a too yellow complexion, the lilac concealer will be perfect.


The loose powder will be perfect for making a ‘setting’ of the face base. It can be gently dabbed with a sponge or brush, taking care to always discharge the excess product.

6- Illuminating

L’illuminante will be the absolute protagonist of the ‘no makeup’ because it will be able to give three-dimensionality to the face and above all to make the epidermis compact and luminous making her look even younger and fresher.

7- Blush

Also blush will play a key role in natural makeup. Applied on the cheeks it will give an immediate fresh and young look, especially if chosen in coral or peach shades.

8- Mascara

The mascara will be important to open the look and make it feminine. Very important curl your lashes properly before applying mascara.

9- Eyebrow pencil

The eyebrows will need to be checked and defined eliminating the hair out of place and adjusting the arc and thickening with the help of a specific product.

10- Nude lip pencil

The nude lip pencil will be really essential because it will be able to give the lips, even if natural and very fine volume, making them very feminine.

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How to make a no makeup step by step

Following the video tutorial you will be able to realize a beautiful ‘no makeup’ studied in techniques and products by the iconic makeup artist Giulia Cova!

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