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Arceus Pokémon Legends: An old video of Hisui hides a mystery

A modern-day researcher has just found in the Canalave City Library in Sinnoh a very ruined video that would show an ancient version of the region. We are talking about a very ancient finding of Hisui, and the researcher who recorded the video came across a mysterious pokemon currently unknown. It’s up to us Trainers to help the researchers solve the mystery.

From what little time you can see and hear from the video i doubts and speculations of fans are many. We see Hisui’s researcher wandering around for a snowy landscape, and we feel very surprised to meet some wild Pokémon like gods Snorunt. Later he decides to go into what appears to be a wooded area, where he meets a strange creature which also arouses a certain fear while being adorable.

Red tail, soft white hair, large yellow eyes. Initially, the explorer believes he is in front of Growlithe or Vulpix, but then changes his mind: that is a Pokémon currently unknown. After noticing the human, it is unclear whether it is the Pokémon itself ad attack the researcher or to do so is another creature, the fact is that the video stops, and silence looms.

From the first online rumors a lot are talking about Arcanine in Hisui, or maybe one ancient form of Froslass. Others believe it is a new Pokémon or maybe Zorua di Hisui. We could be faced with the imminent announcement of a new form of Hisui, where the first evolutionary stage would seem docile and meek, while its evolution is more aggressive and suspicious of human beings.

We will soon find out who the “regina“That many talk about? Or maybe we’ll get in touch with a new one Pokemon give away to face? We scrutinize the video carefully Trainers, news is coming.


Arceus Pokémon Legends video Hisui hides mystery

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