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Accident with Porsche, 55-year-old entrepreneur dies

The man was traveling in his luxurious “911 Carrera” when he went off the road. Condolence and emotion in the company he founded and among his many acquaintances.

Accident with Porsche, 55-year-old entrepreneur dies. Road tragedy, still blood-red asphalt in Piedmont: the entrepreneur died in a car accident Silvio Bonaudi founder and managing director of “Boman” of Murello (Cuneo). The small company is a jewel of the technique and mechanics applied to motorcycles: there the most daring and singular two wheels in the sector are transformed and made “custom“.

Little is known about the terrible crash in which Bonaudi lost his life: he was traveling in a powerful Porsche 911 Carrera, a dream car for many, capable of reaching speeds of over 280 km / h. It is not known whether it is the car’s power that caused the accident, or perhaps a tragic fatality, the fact is that the super-car she left the road while traveling along the Provincial Road 30 (an important artery that goes from Alessandria to Acqui Terme). No other cars would be involved in the accident, which suggests that the entrepreneur did everything himself.

Maybe he got sick and lost control of the vehicle? Did he have to avoid something (a small wild animal) crossing the road and could no longer control the car? Only hypotheses, for the moment being examined by the Police who are trying to shed light on the dynamics.

What is certain is that that Bonaudi leaves an unbridgeable void in those who loved him and in the many acquaintances, as well as obviously in the company he founded and excellently managed for over twenty years. “He was our point of reference – they say in the company – creative soul and passion. The experience in the design made him a strong point in finding solutions“.

An entrepreneur dies on his Porsche 911 Carrera in a tragic accident, therefore, and the opinion of the magistrate is awaited for the funeral.

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Accident Porsche #55yearold entrepreneur dies

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