“They have violated my nest” and Ferragni’s support arrives

She thanked for the solidarity received and explained how she was the day after the theft: “I feel disheartened, disappointed and still very traumatized. I am an autonomous, independent, strong woman who lives alone by choice but, despite this, the feeling I felt when I opened the door of the house that night I do not really wish it to anyone, because the idea that I could have found those people in front of me it shivers since I regained consciousness ”.

The theft was substantial, but even more on the emotional side. “They took away a piece of my entire life, from day zero to that night, memories that I cherished morbidly, not so much for the economic value as for the sentimental value …”.

She has been working since she was 19 and in that house she had kept family memories, work goals, loves, travels, childhood, what she had managed to achieve and that made her happy. But there is also a more practical aspect: “We are doing everything to ensure that these people are arrested, to ensure that others do not suffer what I suffered: the violation of my nest, my spaces, my intimacy. I am infinitely grateful to the mobile team, the forensic police… “.

And then a thought to the thieves: “To you who unfortunately know that you have been spying on me for a long time, I want to say one thing: enjoy everything, my bags, my jewels, my joys, my watches, my suitcases, my bags , my backpacks, my beauty cases, my clothes, my money… and everything you’ve taken. I have and I am much more ”.

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violated nest Ferragnis support arrives

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