7 beautiful and space-saving IKEA sofa beds

7 beautiful and space-saving IKEA sofa beds
7 beautiful and space-saving IKEA sofa beds

When it comes to finding an extra place to sleep and the budget available is limited, i IKEA sofa beds are an option worth exploring. Among the proposals of the Swedish furniture giant for the most classic of transformable furnishings, in fact, there is no lack of models with a sober design and small dimensions, which are well suited to small environments or temporary homes, such as holiday homes or rentals.

From the compact versions to the three multifunction seats ideal even in a studio apartment, to the corner protagonists of the conversation area, in the IKEA 2022 catalog (constantly updated) it is easy to find an answer to the most varied needs.

Removable machine washable fabrics, simple mechanisms and ready-to-use proposals, where it is enough to remove the pillows and spread out sheets and blankets, are the other features that make the brand’s proposals truly suitable for everyone. Even those looking for extra storage space.

Compact, to fit in a corner

There are really small sofa beds which, in a few centimeters, hide a slatted base and a mattress. Ideal to be placed in the corner of a room, in the study or even in the kitchen (when very large), they can be moved easily and in a few steps to accommodate even guests who, surprisingly, decide to stay for the night.

In the IKEA catalog the ‘functionality award’ goes to Lycksele Lövås (photo above): versatile and handy mini padded jacket, it is equipped with a colored lining, available in different patterns, to be washed in the washing machine every time you need it.

With integrated drawers

The sofa beds with integrated drawers they add to the two functions of relaxation and rest that of containment. In the compartments under the seat it is possible to arrange linen, blankets, some cushions to always have at hand.

The flat seat and the wooden backrest make the transformation quick: the single bed is immediately ready, to add an extra seat simply remove the drawers and divide the mattress.

Two IKEA ideas that go in this direction: Hemnes, with round knobs available in white and light gray, e Brimnes, available in darker shades. Both can be combined with a complete set of furniture for the room.

Smart mechanisms

The undisputed kings of the category are the large and spacious upholstered furniture, perfect for defining the style of the living room which, in a few steps, change appearance and turn into soft beds where you can indulge yourself in the arms of Morfeo. Pins, springs, interlocking games and precise clicks they allow you to move the parts without making any effort and at first sight their double soul is really unsuspected.

Among the models in the catalog, we point out Vretstorp, with the backrest that lowers and space under the seat to house the cushions, Asarum with “secret” drawers covered in fabric, or Grälviken, essential and suitable for any type of environment.


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